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Use the form below to submit a complaint related to:

  • unlicensed or illegal commercial cannabis businesses occuring in a commercial or in a residential area
  • licensed commercial cannabis businesses that may be in violation of the DCR’s Cannabis Procedures of its Rules and Regulations. 
  • Non-emergency communications with the Los Angeles Police Department about cannabis or cannabis-related activities. If this is an emergency please call 9-1-1.

Do not use this form if your complaint:

  • Involves personal cannabis use in a residential area.  
  • Involves a non-cannabis related issue
  • Involves a location outside of the City of Los Angeles

To send large files, including videos, to the Department, please contact Include the complaint number (generated from the form below) in your email. An analyst will send you a link to an online folder to receive the extra files, and will link them to your complaint.

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