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General Information 

If you wish to listen to the meeting, but not participate during public comment, dial the City’s Council Phone meeting system, at (213) 621-2489 or (818) 904-9450. The meeting will also be livestreamed. To view the live stream on DCR’s website, click here



Instructions for Public Comment by Phone

If you wish to offer public comment to the Commission during the meeting, dial one of the toll free numbers listed on page 1 of the agenda and follow the agenda's instructions to connect to the meeting using the Meeting ID. All members of the public will be automatically muted when entering the meeting.

"Raise Hand" to Comment

To comment on an agenda item, dial *9 on your dial pad, after the Commission President calls the item. The Commission Executive Assistant will call upon speakers using the last four digits of the phone number, if available, and you will hear “you are unmuted”. Each speaker's audio will be unmuted as they are called upon. The Commission Executive Assistant will alert the speaker when the specified time limit for public comment has been reached. The Commission President will ask speakers to complete their comments and the speaker's microphone will be muted. 

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Upcoming Meetings 

Until further notice Regular meetings will be held the first and third Thursdays of the month at 2:00 p.m. From time to time, the Commission Executive Assistant may schedule a meeting on a different date or start time as operational needs require, and without prior approval from the Commission, with advance notice. Regular meetings will be held at Figueroa Plaza, 201 N Figueroa St, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012 when possible, or at City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

Members of the public who wish to listen to the Commission meeting may call Council Phone at (213) 621-2489 or (818) 904-9450.

To register to receive official Commission communications, such as agendas, schedule changes, and cancellation notices, please click here.

Contact the Commission
Josie Trevizo, Commission Executive Assistant
(213) 320-7815

Click here for the Cannabis Regulation Commission Rules and Operating Procedures.

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Cannabis Regulation Commission Meeting Livestream

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Meeting Archives


Meeting Agenda & MinutesCommunicationsMeeting Video & AudioPresentations (Item #) & Decision Letters (DL)

04.04.24 Agenda

04.04.24 Minutes



Day of Hearing 

04.04.24 Archived Video

04.04.24 Audio

Item 01 DL  Item 02 DL  Item 03 DL  Item 04 DL
Item 05 DL  Item 06 DL  Item 07 DL  Item 08 DL
Item 09 DL  Item 10 DL  Item 11 DL  Item 12 DL
Item 13 DL

To view archives of Cannabis Regulation Commission meetings prior to April 4, 2024 click here.

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