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The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) does not have the authority to enforce against unlicensed Commercial Cannabis Activity.  Its role relative to unlicensed Commercial Cannabis Activity is to provide verification of licensed cannabis businesses to any enforcement agency which requests said information.

Coordination With Other Enforcement Agencies

DCR coordinates with State, County and other agencies which have legislative enforcement authority  over unlicensed Commercial Cannabis Activity by sharing and obtaining information that would preempt DCR from issuing a License to an Owner or  Primary Personnel or at a specific proposed Business Premises location. 

  • LAMC Section 104.03(1) identifies the circumstances under which Primary Personnel is prohibited from applying for, or holding a Temporary Approval or License.
  • LAMC Section 104.03(2) identifies the circumstances Persons are prohibited from being Owners of Persons applying for or holding a Temporary Approval or License.
  • LAMC Section 104.03(3) identifies the circumstances under which a Business Premises location is ineligible for Licensure.
  • LAMC Section 104.15(e) authorizes the Department of Water and Power(DWP)  to disconnect utilities at a location occupied by an Unlawful Establishment.  

City records reflect that DWP utilities have been disconnected due to unlicensed commercial cannabis activity at the locations below. The information displayed here is for information purposes only which has been collected from sources outside of DCR’s control and is subject to change without notice.  An applicant or potential applicant shall not rely on this information for confirmation that its proposed Business Premises is eligible for licensure, or meets the City’s zoning, sensitive use or undue concentration restrictions. The absence of a Business Premises location on the list below does not guarantee that an application will be processed by DCR. If you believe a location is on this list in error, please contact DCR at

Submitting a Complaint to the City of Los Angeles:

To file a complaint about a licensed or unlicensed commercial cannabis business with the City of Los Angeles please Click Here.   If the complaint involves an unlicensed commercial cannabis business, DCR will refer the complaint to the specific Area Division (Police Station) of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and will notify the complainant via email.  

To identify your area Police Station Click Here.  Please note that LAPD does not provide information on an open investigation.

Submitting a Complaint to the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC):

The California Department of Cannabis Control California provides the public with the option to file a complaint against any licensed or unlicensed commercial cannabis business throughout California. It is recommended that complaints be submitted both to the City of Los Angeles and the California State Department of Cannabis Control (DCC).   DCR may also refer complaints to the DCC if it does not have jurisdiction over the subject matter of the complaint, such as packaging, track and trace or product testing issues. To submit a complaint to the DCC click here.

Penalties for Unlawful Cannabis Related Activities within the City of Los Angeles 

The City of Los Angeles has established penalties for unlawful cannabis related activities in Section 104.15 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

The Mayor’s Office of Public Safety has established a Cannabis Enforcement Taskforce to coordinate the City’s efforts against unlicensed commercial cannabis activity.