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Community Meeting

Specific Information for City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils 

Public Convenience or Necessity 

There are a variety of ways for members of the public to stay informed about and engaged in cannabis licensing.

DCR releases regular news and updates to provide licensees, stakeholders, and consumers with the latest information on the CIty’s commercial cannabis industry. We encourage you to stay engaged by attending and participating in our public meetings and events.

Please see below for more information about public participation.

Share Feedback 

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Community Meeting 

The Cannabis Procedures Ordinance, specifically LAMC Sec. 104.04, requires that DCR conduct a community meeting via video or telephone conferencing or within the defined geographic area of the Area Planning Commission within which the Business Premises is situated, when the applicant is applying for a retail license or a non-retail license larger than 30,000 sqft.

At the meeting, DCR shall accept written and oral testimony regarding the application and then prepare a written report to the Cannabis Regulation Commission summarizing the testimony in favor and against the application.

The Commission shall consider the decision by DCR to recommend approval of the application, the written summary of the community meeting prepared by DCR, the record before DCR and any written information and oral testimony timely provided to the Commission. 

The Department shall provide notice of the community meeting as required by LAMC 104.05. 

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Specific Information for City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils 

The Cannabis Procedures Ordinance requires engagement with Neighborhood Councils at specific stages in the application process.

Annual License Application 

As a part of the annual license application process, once DCR determines that the applicant has submitted a complete application, the application is required to engage with the applicable Neighborhood Council. 

Within 10 days of receipt of the Notice of Complete application, the Applicant or a designated representative shall contact the Neighborhood Council and offer to appear before the Neighborhood Council to address questions about the application. Written evidence shall be provided to DCR such as an email to the Neighborhood Council or a copy of their meeting minutes. 

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Public Convenience or Necessity 

The following Community Plan Areas have reached Undue Concentration

  • Central City
  • Central City North
  • Harbor-Gateway
  • Sherman Oaks - Studio City-Toluca Lake-Cahuenga Pass
  • Sun Valley - La Tuna Canyon
  • Venice

For the purposes of the Public Convenience or Necessity Process, key stakeholders include but are not limited to: the area Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Division, local chamber of commerce, and at least one substance abuse intervention, prevention and treatment organization with the Community Plan Area.

Pursuant to LAMC Section 104.03(a)(4), an Applicant in a Community Plan Area of Undue Concentration must obtain approval from the City Council that approval of their License application would serve the public convenience or necessity. As part of that process, Applicants are required to engage with and seek written input from key stakeholders for the area in which the proposed Business Premises will be located, including, but not limited to, area Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Division, local chamber of commerce, and at least one substance abuse intervention, prevention and treatment organization within the Community Plan Area.

Applicants will both attest to comply with requirements to engage key stakeholders and seek written input by key stakeholders and submit a Stakeholder Input Request Form to applicable key stakeholders. 

Members of the public may submit comments or documents concerning Public Convenience or Necessity Requests at

As required by LAMC Section 104.05(c)(4),  DCR will provide Written Notice in accordance with LAMC Section 104.05(b)(1) within 10 days of the City Clerk receiving the PCN Request Form. The notice will contain the link to the Council File with instructions on how to subscribe for notifications.

This video was created to assist key stakeholders understand their role in the Public Convenience or Necessity Process (PCN) for Commercial Cannabis Retail Applicants.

It provides key stakeholders, specifically Area Neighborhood Councils, local Los Angeles Police Department precincts, local chambers of commerce and substance abuse intervention, prevention and treatment organizations, with information on how to submit input to the City Council regarding a prospective cannabis business applicant’s Public Convenience or Necessity (or PCN) request.