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Schedule the Initial Inspection

  • Applicants should not request an Initial Inspection until after they receive an Initial Inspection notification from DCR via email.
  • Request an Initial Inspection. After receiving the Initial Inspection notification, the Applicant may request to schedule an Initial Inspection by emailing with the subject line “Request for Initial Inspection - [Application Number]”.  Please provide at least three preferred dates and times at least three business days after the email is sent. Proposed dates and times within three business days of the request may be accommodated subject to the payment of applicable Expedited Services fee(s).  The Applicant must attach the Initial Inspection Attestation Form (LIC-4021-FORM) to the email.
  • DCR will respond to the email to confirm the date and time for the Initial Inspection. The Applicant may confirm the Initial Inspection date.
  • Requests to reschedule or cancel an Initial Inspection must be emailed at least 48 hours to with the subject line, “Reschedule Initial Inspection Request - Application No. LA-X-YR-XXXXXX-XX-XX-APP”.  
  • Unless rescheduled or canceled at least 48 hours in advance, failure to appear for the Initial Inspection for any reason will result in a “Failed Inspection.” Applicants who receive a “Failed Inspection” status must schedule another inspection and shall pay for a new Standard Inspection Fee pursuant to LAMC 104.19(h). 

Initial Inspection

  • On the date of the Initial Inspection, DCR will give a brief introduction and provide information on how the Initial Inspection will be conducted.
  • DCR will conduct the Initial Inspection, checking compliance with the items included in the Initial Inspection Attestation Form (LIC-4021-FORM).
  • Sample Inspection Checklist Retail
  • At the conclusion of the Initial Inspection, DCR will conduct a debrief with the Applicant discussing the Initial Inspection results and any next steps. 

The Initial Inspection result will either be a Pass or Fail. If passed, the Applicant will continue with the Temporary Approval Application process.

Additional Inspection(s)

If DCR finds any deficiencies during the Initial Inspection which cannot be immediately corrected, those deficiencies will be documented, and a copy of the Initial Inspection Report will be uploaded to the Applicant’s record.  A “Failed” inspection will require an additional Initial Inspection and payment of related fees.

Prior to conducting any additional Initial Inspections, DCR will issue an invoice to cover the cost of the additional Initial Inspection. The invoice will be located in the “Documents” section on the DCR Licensing Portal. Payments must be submitted to the Office of Finance. Applicants must download and print the invoice to submit to the Office of Finance with the payment. Please visit the Office of Finance for information related to business hours, locations, and payment methods. All fee(s) must be paid on or before the “Void if Not Paid on or by” date listed on invoice. Failure to timely submit payment shall result in the abandonment of the Temporary Approval Application record.

After the required Initial Inspection fee is paid, Applicants may request an additional Initial Inspection by emailing with the subject line “Request for Initial Inspection - [Application Number]” and following the Initial Inspection Scheduling instructions.