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DCR Releases SPARK Report

In April 2021, the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) launched SPARK, a multifaceted community and stakeholder engagement program that allowed community members and stakeholders to share input with DCR. DCR partnered with MBI Media, experts in community outreach, to gather stakeholder feedback regarding the City’s cannabis policies and programs through several methods including  SPARK Sessions, SPARK Surveys, a SPARK Comment Box and one-on-one interviews. Topics included Licensing and Regulation, the Social Equity Program, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Community Impact. 

During the November 18th Cannabis Regulation Commission Meeting, MBI Media presented the PDF iconSPARK Program Findings Preview -- a summary of stakeholder feedback collected through the SPARK initiative. A video of the meeting can be found here and on the Cannaibs Regulation Commission Meetings Archive page

On November 24th 2021, DCR released the PDF iconSPARK Report which details stakeholder feedback collected by MBI Media through SPARK. The SPARK Report will assist DCR in making stakeholder-informed recommendations to the Commission and City Council regarding stakeholder-identified priorities and to take action related to these priorities. A quick video featuring local stakeholders and detailing the SPARK program is presented below: 

DCR SPARK Full Program Video

SPARK Program Overview

spark logo 2

The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is dedicated to engaging with community members to better serve them and meet their needs. Throughout the next few months, DCR will be engaging with members of the community through an interactive and informative citywide outreach campaign named, SPARK.  

SPARK is a multifaceted program that lets community members engage with DCR through a variety of methods, including virtual events, comments, surveys and informational collateral. Enter the Virtual Meeting Room or use the links below to learn more about different SPARK STATIONS:

  • SPARK SESSIONS: A series of virtual events led by local leaders and stakeholders focused on different topics each session. Topics include Licensing and Regulation, the Social Equity Program, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Community Impact.
  • SPARK RESOURCE: Information stations that include relevantFact Sheets and FAQs about DCR, our programs, policies, and general cannabis activity information.
  • SPARK SURVEYS: Substantive surveys will provide us with direct feedback from all of you on current policies and programs and ways we can improve upon certain services.
  • SPARK COMMENT BOX: A community comment box that allows anyone to provide feedback on ‘all things cannabis’ in the community. 

Community participation is vital to the growth and development of our City’s services, policies, and programs. Through SPARK, communities can share input that will help inform the Department of Cannabis Regulation as we make future cannabis policy and programming recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. We look forward to seeing you SPARK change in our community.